Books 2000
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Reading List 2000 (Alphabetical Order):

Author (with  links)

Title (with book links)


Ambrose, David



Amis, Kingsley

Lucky Jim


Asimov, Isaac

The Gods Themselves

1973 Hugo Award

Atwood, Margaret

The Robber Bride


Banks, Iain M.

The Wasp Factory


Barry, Lynda



Barth, John

The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor


Belfer, Lauren

City of Light


Berg, Elizabeth

What We Keep


Berg, Elizabeth

Open House


Boyle, T. C.

The Tortilla Curtain

Beth's Top Reads of 2000 List

Butler, Octavia


Beth Top 2000 List, "500 Great Books by Women"

Cahill, Thomas

Desire of Everlasting Hills


Carey, Peter

Jack Maggs

1998 Commonwealth Writers Prize

Carlson, ed., Paula J.

Listening for God, Volume I


Chevalier, Tracy

Girl with a Pearl Earring


Cleage, Pearl

What Looks Like Crazy On An Ordinary Day


Coen, Ethan

Gates of Eden


Coetzee, J. M.


1999 Booker Prize Winner

Cook, Thomas H.

The Chatham School Affair

1997 Edgar Award

Crace, Jim

Being Dead

1999 Whitbread Award Finalist

Crichton, Michael



Cunningham, Michael

The Hours

1999 Pulitzer Prize

Diamant, Anita

The Red Tent


Dillard, Annie

The Living


Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee

Sister of My Heart

Beth Top 2000 List

Doerr, Harriet

Stones for Ibarra

1984 National Book Award Finalist

Dubus, III, Andre

House of Sand and Fog

Beth Top 2000 List, 1999 National Book Award Finalist

Ellis, Rhian

After Life


Ellison, Ralph

Invisible Man

1953 National Book Award

Endo, Shusaku


Beth Top 2000 List

Faber, Michel

Under the Skin

Beth Top 2000 List, 2000 Whitbread Award Finalist

Fitch, Janet

White Oleander


Fitzgerald, Penelope


1979 Booker Prize Winner

Fry, Stephen

Making History


Gaines, Steven

Philistines at the Hedgerow


Gallagher, Nora

Things Seen and Unseen


Goldberg, Myla

Bee Season


Greene, Graham

The Power and the Glory


Haruf, Kent


1999 National Book Award Finalist

Haushofer, Marlen

The Wall

"500 Great Books by Women"

Homes, A. M.

The Safety of Objects


Hornby, Nick

About A Boy


Irving, John

My Movie Business


Jin, Ha


Beth Top 2000 List, 1999 National Book Award

Karr, Mary

The Liar's Club


Kidder, Tracy

Old Friends


King, Stephen

On Writing


Kingsolver, Barbara

The Poisonwood Bible


Lahiri, Jhumpa

Interpreter of Maladies

2000 Pulitzer Prize

Lamb, Wally

I Know This Much Is True

Beth Top 2000 List

Lamott, Anne

Operating Instructions

Beth Top 2000 List

Lamott, Anne

Bird by Bird


Lamott, Anne

Crooked Little Heart


Lessing, Doris

Ben, In the World


Lewis, Sinclair



Long, David

The Daughters of Simon Lamoreaux


McEwan, Ian

Enduring Love


McEwan, Ian

The Cement Garden


Miller, Jr., Walter M.

A Canticle for Leibowitz

1961 Hugo Award

Miller, Sue

While I Was Gone


Millhauser, Steven

Martin Dressler

1997 Pulitzer Prize

Millhauser, Steven

Enchanted Night


Minot, Susan



Mistry, Rohinton

A Fine Balance

Beth Top 2000 List, 1996 Booker Prize Finalist

Mitchell, David


Beth Top 2000 List

Morgan, Robert

Gap Creek


Morrison, Toni


1999 Orange Prize Finalist

Naslund, Sena Jeter

Ahab's Wife

Beth Top 2000 List

Norman, Howard

The Bird Artist

1994 National Book Award Finalist

O'Brien, Tim

In the Lake of the Woods


O'Dell, Tawni

Back Roads


Pears, Iain

An Instance of the Fingerpost


Percy, Walker

The Moviegoer

1962 National Book Award

Picoult, Jodi

The Pact


Picoult, Jodi

Keeping Faith


Picoult, Jodi

Plain Truth

Beth Top 2000 List

Picoult, Jodi



Pym, Barbara

Excellent Women

"500 Great Books by Women"

Reiken, Frederick

The Odd Sea


Rosenfeld, Lucinda

What She Saw Inů


Rosenzweig, Ilene

Mother of the Bride


Rowling, J. K.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Rowling, J. K.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

1999 Whitbread Children's Book Award

Rushdie, Salman

The Moor's Last Sigh

1995 Booker Prize Finalist

Schmais, Libby

The Perfect Elizabeth


Schwarz, Christina

Drowning Ruth


Sedaris, David

Me Talk Pretty One Day


Shapiro, Jane

The Dangerous Husband

Beth Top 2000 List

Shields, Jody

The Fig Eater


Shreve, Anita

The Weight of Water

1998 Orange Prize Finalist

Siddons, Anne Rivers

The House Next Door


Smith, Peter Moore



Sobel, Dava

Galileo's Daughter


Stolz, Karen

World of Pies


Strauss, Darin

Chang and Eng

Beth Top 2000 List

Trevor, William

Death in Summer


Turow, Scott

Personal Injuries


Updike, John

Bech is Back


Walters, Minette

The Breaker


Welty, Eudora

Delta Wedding


Winchester, Simon

The Professor and the Madman


Wolfe, Tom

A Man in Full

1998 National Book Award Finalist

Yancey, Philip

Finding God in Unexpected Places


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