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Reading List 2004

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Almond, Steve Candy Freak .
Andersen, Kurt Turn of the Century .
Andric, Ivo The Bridge on the Drina Nobel Prize Author 1961
Atkinson, Kate Not the End of the World .
Auster, Paul Oracle Night Beth Top 2004 List
Bailey, Blake A Tragic Honesty: The Life & Work of Richard Yates National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist 2004
Baker, Nicholson Checkpoint .
Balzac, Honore de Cousin Bette .
Banville, John The Untouchable .
Barry, Dave Boogers Are My Beat .
Basbanes, Nicholas A. Among the Gently Mad .
Berg, Elizabeth The Art of Mending .
Bezmozgis, David Natasha Guardian First Book Shortlist 2004; Beth Top 2004 List
Brite, Poppy Z. Exquisite Corpse Stoker Award Shortlist 1996
Brown, Larry Fay .
Burroughs, Augusten Dry .
Butler, Octavia Parable of the Sower .
Byatt, A. S. Little Black Book of Stories .
Bynum, Sarah Shun-Lien Madeleine is Sleeping National Book Award Shortlist 2004; Beth Top 2004 List
Caldwell, Ian The Rule of Four .
Carroll, Jonathan The Land of Laughs Beth Top 2004 List
Carter, Jimmy The Hornet's Nest .
Coben, Harlan Just One Look .
Coe, Jonathan The Winshaw Legacy  .
Cortazar, Julio Hopscotch Beth Top 2004 List
Cunningham, Michael At Home at the End of the World Beth Top 2004 List
Davis, Kathryn Hell .
Dunning, John Booked To Die Beth Top 2004 List
Dybek, Stuart Streets in Their Own Ink .
Ekuni, Kaori Twinkle Twinkle .
Ellroy, James My Dark Places .
Ellroy, James Destination: Morgue! .
Finder, Joseph Paranoia .
Fisher, Carrie The Best Awful .
Ford, Michael Thomas The Little Book of Neuroses .

Fox, Paula

Desperate Characters .
Gaiman, Neil The Sandman: Endless Nights Beth Top 2004 List
Garland, Alex The Coma .
Glass, Julia Three Junes National Book Award 2003
Goodwin, Stephen Breaking Her Fall .
Gray, Alasdair 1982, Janine .
Gray, Alasdair The Ends of Our Tethers .
Grealy, Lucy Autobiography of a Face .
Greene, Graham A Burnt-Out Case .
Greer, Andrew Sean The Confessions of Max Tivoli Beth Top 2004 List
Hanff, Helene Q's Legacy .
Haruf, Kent Eventide .
Hegland, Jean Windfalls .
Hoffman, Alice The Probable Future .
Hoffman, Jilliane Retribution .
Hynes, James Kings of Infinite Space Beth Top 2004 List
Khadra, Yasmina The Swallows of Kabul .
Korda, Michael Making the List .
Kowalski, William The Adventures of Flash Jackson .
Krabbe, Tim The Cave .
Krakauer, Jonathan Under the Banner of Heaven .
Lahiri, Jhumpa The Namesake .
Land, Brad Goat: A Memoir .
Lethem, Jonathan As She Climbed Across the Table .
Maguire, Gregory Mirror Mirror .
Markham, Beryl West with the Night .
Maugham, W. Somerset The Razor's Edge Beth Top 2004 List
McCullers, Carson The Heart is A Lonely Hunter .
McEwan, Ian The Child in Time Whitbread Novel Award 1987
Moore, Christopher The Stupidest Angel Beth Top 2004 List
Morrison, Toni Love Nobel Prize Author 1993
Murakami, Ryu In the Miso Soup .
Murray, Sabina A Carnivore's Inquiry Beth Top 2004 List
Myerson, Julie Something Might Happen .
Naipaul, V.S. Half A Life Nobel Prize Author 2001
Oates, Joyce Carol I am no one you know .
O'Brien, Tim The Things They Carried .
O'Dell, Tawni Coal Run .
Palahniuk, Chuck Fight Club .
Palahniuk, Chuck Stranger Than Fiction .
Patchett, Ann Truth & Beauty .
Paton, Alan Cry, The Beloved Country .
Perrotta, Tom Little Children Beth Top 2004 List
Pelecanos, George Hell To Pay Anthony Award Shortlist 2003
Picoult, Jodi My Sister's Keeper .
Quindlen, Anna A Short Guide to a Happy Life .
Quindlen, Anna Loud and Clear .
Reid, Arthur The Story Teller .
Robinson, Marilynne Gilead Beth Top 2004 List
Satrapi, Marjane Persepolis .
Satrapi, Marjane Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return .
Sedaris, David Dress Your Family... .
Shepard, Jim Project X .
Shreve, Anita Light On Snow .
Smart, Elizabeth By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept .
Smith, Alexander McCall Tears of the Giraffe .
Sosnowski, David Vamped Beth Top 2004 List
Spiegelman, Art In The Shadow Of No Towers .
Stendhal The Red and the Black .
Stewart, George R. Earth Abides .
Tan, Amy The Opposite of Fate .
Tartt, Donna The Little Friend Orange Prize Shortlist 2003
Theroux, Paul Sir Vidia's Shadow Beth Top 2004 List
Tropper, Jonathan The Book of Joe Beth Top 2004 List
Truss, Lynne Eats, Shoots and Leaves .
Tyler, Anne The Amateur Marriage .
Warren, Richard The Purpose Driven Life .
Wharton, Edith The Custom of the Country .
Willett, Jincy Jenny & the Jaws of Life .
Winston, Lolly Good Grief .
Winton, Tim Dirt Music .
Wolfe, Thomas You Can't Go Home Again .
Yates, Richard A Good School .


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