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Reading List 2003 (Alphabetical Order):

Author (with links)

Title (with book links)


Ackerley, J. R. We Think The World of You .
Aeschylus Agamemnon Lattimore translation
Atwood, Margaret Oryx and Crake Booker Prize Shortlist 2003; Beth Top 2003 List

Baker, Nicholson

A Box of Matches .
Barnes, Julian Flaubert's Parrot Booker Prize Shortlist 1984; Beth Top 2003 List
Barthelme, Donald The King .
Begley, Louis About Schmidt .
Berg, Elizabeth Say When .
Berg, Elizabeth Durable Goods .
Blamires, Harry The New Bloomsday Book: A Guide Through Ulysses .
Boyle, T. Coraghessan Drop City National Book Award Finalist 2003
Braselton, Jeanne A False Sense of Well Being .
Brown, Dan The Da Vinci Code .
Carey, Peter My Life as a Fake Beth Top 2003 List
Carter, Stephen L. The Emperor of Ocean Park .
Clarke, Arthur C. Childhood's End .
Coben, Harlan No Second Chance .
Coetzee, J. M. Life & Times of Michael K Booker Prize 1983; Nobel Prize Author 2003

Crane, Elizabeth

When the Messenger is Hot .
Crichton, Michael Prey .
Daudet, Alphonse In the Land of Pain .
Day, Marele Lambs of God .

DeBernieres, Louis

Corelli's Mandolin Commonwealth Writers Prize 1995
DeLillo, Don Cosmopolis .
Dexter, Pete Train Beth Top 2003 List
Dick, Philip K. The Man in the High Castle Hugo Award 1963
Dickinson, Charles A Shortcut in Time .
Donleavy, J. P. The Ginger Man M.L.'s 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century; Beth Top 2003 List
Donoghue, Emma Slammerkin .
Dostoevsky, Fyodor Notes From Underground .
Dybek, Stuart The Coast of Chicago .
Fforde, Jasper Well of Lost Plots .

Fielding, Joy

Whispers and Lies


Flagg, Fannie Standing in the Rainbow .
Fry, Stephen Moab Is My Washpot: An Autobiography .
Fry, Stephen Revenge .
Gaiman, Neil Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions .
Gaiman, Neil The Wolves in the Walls .
Gutcheon, Beth More Than You Know .
Haddon, Mark The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Whitbread Novel Award Shortlist 2003; Beth Top 2003 List
Hamill, Peter Forever .
Hansberry, Lorraine A Raisin in the Sun .
Hardy, Thomas Jude the Obscure .
Harrison, Kathryn Seeking Rapture: Scenes from a Woman's Life .
Heller, Zoe What Was She Thinking Booker Prize Shortlist 2003; Beth Top 2003 List
Jin, Ha The Crazed .
Johnson, B.S. Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry Beth Top 2003 List
Joyce, James Ulysses M.L.'s 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century; Beth Top 2003 List
Julavits, Heidi The Effect of Living Backwards .
Kimmel, Haven A Girl Named Zippy .

King, Stephen

From a Buick 8

Stoker Award Shortlist 2002

King, Stephen The Gunslinger (Dark Tower, Book 1) .
Lasdun, James The Horned Man Beth Top 2003 List
Lehane, Dennis Shutter Island .
Lipman, Elinor The Dearly Departed .
Lively, Penelope The Photograph .
Lodge, David Home Truths .

Marai, Sandor

Embers Beth Top 2003 List
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia Of Love and Other Demons .
Martin, Valerie Property Orange Prize 2003
Maupin, Armistead The Night Listener .
McGrath, Patrick Spider .
McNeil, Gil The Only Boy For Me .
Michaels, Anne Fugitive Pieces Orange Prize 1997, Giller Prize 1997; Beth Top 2003 List

Miller, Andrew

Oxygen Booker Prize Shortlist 2001
Mosby, Katherine The Season of Lillian Dawes .
Munro, Alice Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage National Book Critics Circle Finalist 2001
Murdoch, Iris The Bell .
Nelson, Sara So Many Books, So Little Time .
Niffenegger, Audrey The Time Traveler's Wife Beth Top 2003 List

Nothomb, Amelie

Fear and Trembling .
Novello, Don From Bush to Bush: The Lazlo Toth Letters .
Oates, Joyce Carol Rape
O'Nan, Stewart A Prayer for the Dying Beth Top 2003 List
O'Nan, Stewart The Speed Queen .
O'Nan, Stewart The Night Country .

Otsuka, Julie

When the Emperor Was Divine .
Palahniuk, Chuck Lullaby Stoker Award Shortlist 2002
Parkhurst, Carolyn The Dogs of Babel .
Perrotta, Tom Bad Haircut: Stories of the Seventies .
Picoult, Jodi Second Glance .
Pierre, DBC Vernon God Little Booker Prize 2003; Beth Top 2003 List
Pullman, Philip The Golden Compass .
Quindlen, Anna Black and Blue .
Quindlen, Anna How Reading Changed My Life .
Redel, Victoria Loverboy .
Rogers, Fred The World According to Mister Rogers .
Sachar, Louis Holes .
Savage, Dan Skipping Towards Gomorrah .
Savage, Dan Savage Love .
Schulberg, Budd What Makes Sammy Run? .
Shapiro, Dani Family History .
Shreve, Anita All He Ever Wanted .

Siegel, James



Sleator, William Among the Dolls .
Smiley, Jane Good Faith .
Smith, Alexander McCall The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency .
Smith, Ali Hotel World Booker Prize Shortlist 2001
Trevor, William The Story of Lucy Gault Booker Prize Shortlist 2002
Trillin, Calvin Travels With Alice .
Turow, Scott Reversible Errors .
Updike, John Seek My Face .
Ward, Amanda Eyre Sleep Toward Heaven .
Whitehead, Colson The Intuitionist .
Weber, Katharine The Music Lesson .
Weber, Katharine The Little Women .
Wolff, Tobias Old School Beth Top 2003 List

Yates, Richard

Revolutionary Road Beth Top 2003 List


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updated 20 March 2004