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Reading List 2006:




Adichie, Chimamanda Purple Hibiscus Beth Top 2006 List
Atkinson, Kate Case Histories Beth Top 2006 List
Auster, Paul The Brooklyn Follies .
Auster, Paul The Book of Illusions IMPAC Literary Awards Shortlist 2004
Barry, Max Company Beth Top 2006 List
Benedict, Elizabeth The Practice of Deceit .
Berg, Elizabeth We Are All Welcome Here .
Bernhardt, William Dark Eye .
Bryson, Bill
The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid
Calvino, Italo If On A Winter's Night A Traveler Beth Top 2006 List
Collins, Jim Built To Last .
Collins, Michael Death of a Writer .
Cunningham, Michael Specimen Days .
Davidson, Mary Janice Undead and Unwed .
Delillo, Don Love - Lies - Bleeding .
Desai, Kiran The Inheritance of Loss Booker Prize 2006
Diamond, Jared Collapse .
Donohue, Keith The Stolen Child .
Egan, Jennifer The Keep .
Ephron, Nora I Feel Bad About My Neck .
Flock, Elizabeth Me & Emma .
Flynn, Gillian Sharp Objects .
Guest, Judith The Tarnished Eye .
Hamilton, Jane When Madeline Was Young .
Hollinghurst, Alan The Swimming-Pool Library .
Homes, A.M. This Book Will Save Your Life Beth Top 2006 List
Hornby, Nick A Long Way Down .
Jen, Gish Love Wife .
King, Stephen
Kirkman, Robert The Walking Dead, Vol. 1-4 .
Kittle, Katrina The Kindness of Strangers .
Kleinzahler, August Cutty, One Rock .
Kostova, Elizabeth The Historian .
Kureishi, Hanif The Body .
Lansens, Lori The Girls Beth Top 2006 List
Malamud, Bernard The Assistant .
Maxwell, William
So Long, See You Tomorrow
McCabe, Patrick Ghost Town .
McCarthy, Cormac Blood Meridian Beth Top 2006 List
McCarthy, Cormac The Road Beth Top 2006 List
McClure, Wendy The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan .
McInerney, Jay The Good Life .
Moore, Christopher A Dirty Job Beth Top 2006 List
Morris, Mary Revenge .
Morris, Mary McCarthy The Lost Mother .
Niles, Steve 30 Days of Night .
Niles, Steve Dark Days .
Notaro, Laurie I Love Everybody .
Oates, Joyce Carol The Female of the Species .
O'Nan, Stewart
The Good Wife
Orlean, Susan The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup .
Palahniuk, Chuck Diary .
Parrado, Nando Miracle in the Andes Beth Top 2006 List
Pears, Iain The Portrait .
Portman, Frank King Dork .
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter 5 .
Russell, Karen St. Lucy's Home For Girls .
Sallis, James Drive .
Saunders, George Persuasion Nation .
See, Lisa Snow Flower and the Secret Fan .
Sherwood, Ben The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud .
Shriver, Lionel We Need to Talk About Kevin Beth Top 2006 List
Smith, Ali
The Accidental
Beth Top 2006 List
Smith, Scott The Ruins .
Stahl, Jerry I, Fatty Beth Top 2006 List
Stewart, Jon America (The Book) .
Toews, Miriam A Complicated Kindness .
Trevor, William Old Boys .
Tyler, Anne Digging to America .
Updike, John Terrorist .
Waldman, Ayelet
Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
Weldon, Fay She May Not Leave .
Winchester, Simon A Crack in the Edge of the World .
Winterson, Jeanette
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Shadow of the Wind .


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